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What you need to know as Gen Z enters the workforce

“ESG Responsibilities Increase for Accountants in 2021.” Accounting Today, Accounting Today, 28 Jan. 2021, /news/esg-responsibilities-increase-for-accountants-in-2021. At Brightwing, we believe that a reimagined approach to recruiting is also indispensable. No longer can employers simply post a job and let their automated recruiting tools do the work. We’d love to share more insight about how we’re recruiting Millennials in today’s business landscape – chat with us today. Millennials also wish to be treated as individuals rather than as a group, which is a reason why they are not prone to unionization.

  • That must be why 67% of small businesses offer some way of flexible work arrangements.
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  • In most cases, millennials aren’t just looking to earn a paycheck—they want their work to impact the world in a positive way.
  • Going along with that feeling of collaboration, millennials often want someone who will invest in them, not just for the moment, but for the long haul.

As 50% of millennials are concerned that they may not be able to pay off their student debt, according to the TIAA institute’s 2020 report on millennials and money, having a strong base salary can be a wise choice. Along with a base salary, many accounting firms offer employees the opportunity for bonuses, stock options, raises and more. The millennial generation tends to view the work experience differently than my generation. Millennials are interested in career opportunities that have a healthy work/life balance.

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As an accountant, I essentially am required to learn the ins and outs of a variety of companies of all different sizes. Whether it’s the audit, tax or advisory service line, my mission is to become an expert in my client’s business. “FOMO” (fear of missing out) was the third Gen Z trait that Stillman discussed. Gen Z members have spent their lives connected to news sources 24 hours a day. Information on sports scores, world events, and even who their friends are taking to the prom is just a swipe away on their smartphones. While Millennials have been technology pioneers, members of Gen Z are digital natives who have had cellphones for most of their lives.

From job flexibility to purpose, among considerations I didn’t mention, like personal growth, networking and beyond, the accounting field can be the right fit for many millennials. Accounting jobs for millennials can be rewarding, enjoyable and lucrative. The sky’s the limit if millenials are open to the possibility of an accounting career path.

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This will lead to great levels of innovation across our profession, when millennials own and lead most accounting firms. Perhaps the biggest motivating factor for millennials in deciding whether Not Your Fathers Job: Why More Millennials Are Getting Into Accounting to apply for a job or not is if it is flexible. Many millennials don’t want to clock in to an office for eight hours a day, and face a crushing commute on their way to and from work.

  • Many employers have vacation policies that permit new employees to accrue but not use vacation time until the completion of one year.
  • That’s why they tend to work well with bosses who are less about being bossy and more about taking the time to nurture and bring out the best in them.
  • When looking at Millennials specifically, more than 75% said benefit customization would increase their loyalty.
  • If you choose accounting, however, you know you have a job before you hit senior year.

Most large public accounting firms also offer staff the opportunity to assist the company’s foreign subsidiaries, meaning that international travel is also a possibility. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for accountants https://accounting-services.net/bookkeeping-laredo/ in May 2020 was $73,560. This can be an attractive salary, especially for millennials at the start of their careers. Millennials were born into unique economic circumstances and are the generation with the second-highest student loan debt.

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Media across the board does a great job of perpetuating the image of the traditional accountant as a boring, nerdy number cruncher in a bad suit. We are tech-savvy, creative and working to build firms that support an environment of positive thinking, inventiveness and next-generation allure. In today’s modern world, people expect more from their employers. It’s a competitive labor market and you will need to work hard to attract young workers to your firm.

Not Your Fathers Job: Why More Millennials Are Getting Into Accounting

However, consistent with their technology-driven lifestyle, they use digital coupons rather than paper. Although I am not considered a millennial by a long shot, I have had the pleasure of working with many millennial colleagues during my career, and have managed and taught a number of millennials in accounting. While I chose the accounting career path for its relatively stable nature, millennials are much less likely to choose a career with only one decision factor, and are also much more likely to leave a job if they’re unhappy.

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