Refund And Returns Policy - Buyfildena

For any person, it may happen that they do not wish to use the product or buy it from us anymore. Of course, depending on the person there can be various reasons for this such as-

  • Getting a superior Quality medicine
  • Getting the same medicine at lower prices from another online website
  • Not Satisfied by our Services

Or any other reason. In such cases, the customers can cancel their orders and ask us for a return and refund. But remember that in such conditions some explicit rules apply and you have to abide by such rules if you want to get back your refund.

So, here we provide you with the return and refund rules at so that you can avoid all doubts and confusion. It is a ready guide for all those customers who had to cancel their order from our website.

In case if you have recently canceled your order as well then you need to read the following points about our return and refund rules. let’s begin…

How to claim a return and refund?

You can claim a return and refund by visiting our online website and logging into your account. Click on the return and refund page and you will be able to see all your canceled orders that are now within the return and refund timeline.

You can proceed with the guidelines and then finally be able to confirm the return and refund once you check your refund value.

Remember that if you wish to claim for a return and refund you can also request the same on our customer helpline number. Our telephone executive will check and verify all details before confirming the order.

Duties for the customer for getting a Return and Refund

As we were telling above that if you are to get back your refund then you need to understand a few guidelines for return and refund that is set by our company.

So let’s begin knowing about them one by one.

Providing valid Bank Account Details

You need to provide valid bank account details to us. Remember to verify the account number and all other details and of course, ensure to keep the account active till we process the refund amount.

If your account is dormant then the refund amount will not be credited. On giving invalid account numbers the transfer will also get canceled.

Ensuring not to use or Tamper with the Product

You may have received your medicine package at your home. Still, we at provide you to cancel your order and ask for a return and refund. But guess what you cannot ask us for a return and refund if 7 days have gone by since you received the medicine package aright at your doorstep. 

Remember that once the deadline of 7 days has gone by you will no longer stand eligible for pl; acting order for return and refund.

If you have already made a return and refund order then do not tamper with the medicine package and do not use the medicines. do not open the medicine sachets or break the seal for lotions and ointments.

If you do then you become ineligible for getting your refund. Our representative will visit your address and check for the product usage or tampering hints and only if satisfied will we process your refund./

Raise a Return and Refund Request within 7 days of Delivery

Of course just as we mentioned above you must make a request for a return and refund within 7 days of you receiving the order at your home.

What are the charges that are levied or subtracted from your refund value?

There are some charges that the customer will not get back. Such things include the shipping charges, local courier charges, import duties, charges paid to the customs department, and even the taxes.

In addition to all these, you will be charged a cancellation and return fee. All these charges will be deducted from your refund value and then the final adjusted amount will be credited back to your account. Such norms are not negotiable. You must agree to our policies if you wish to get a refund.