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Privacy Policy

We have a detailed privacy policy that you would like to check out in case you want to check out how safe as a platform we are for buying medicines online. We provide the customers with some rights in accepting our privacy policy guidelines while they are at their wish to accept the terms and conditions of our privacy policy.

Providing complete anonymity for our customers

We provide complete anonymity for our customers. We never encourage nor do we deal in sharing your private information.

We save the information you submit on our website on private and highly secure data servers, so it is safe with us. You may be certain that your personal information is not accessible to the general public on the internet. With this, we feel that it is fairly safe for you to buy pills from our website not having to worry about any leakage in information.

Sharing your general information at the time of purchasing medicines

Customers who wish to buy medicines from our portal have to agree t accept sharing some end information. We do not wish to collect any extra information from our customers but only those data that might be important for keeping and tracking records of transactions for future purpose use.

As a website offering multiple types of medicines across the US and the world we have to keep such records to find evidential proof if any dispute or transaction occurs in the future.

As data is backed up on our data servers, we maintain track of it all. As a part of this customers have to share some basic information such as sharing your name, email id, and a valid phone number.

You do not have to provide your exact age in number but just comply with our age criteria that inform you to proceed with buying pills only if you are over 18 years.

Providing your feedback

You are completely free at will whether you want to provide feedback after buying any medicines from our portal and using them. The comments and reviews or the feedback or even the ratings that you see against each product on our website have been provided by earlier users like you.

We always prefer that being our valuable customer you provide feedback as we always want to know more about your experiences with us.

And apart from this, it also gives more credibility to our website and offers good guidance for first-time users. We hope that you had good experiences in getting our services and with the use of the medicines as well, but if you had any bad experiences then you may share the same as well. While posting such reviews on our website we do not share any other information apart from your name.

Accepting our cookie policies

Again it is on the customers buying medicines from our websites to choose whether they want to accept our cookie policies. You can accept our cookie policies or you may wish to cancel them as well. It is largely dependent on your personal preferences.

But we would like you to suggest one thing. And that is if you are a regular user on our website and buy medicines frequently from us then it might be a wise decision to accept our cookie policies where you permit us to store your prefilled form data.

This will only help you to make your orders quickly and save time on entering the same personal and other information time and time again.

Payment Security for privacy

The payment that you make on our website occurs over a highly secured point-to-point secured and private data network. You won’t have to worry about numerous cancellations if you make your payments. Such data is not stored in our background servers too. any such data such as your credit or debit cards numbers or passwords get deleted automatically once the transaction is complete.

Accepting our newsletter policies

You may accept our weekly and monthly newsletter policies as well but again it is up to your choice.

By accepting our newsletter policies we will be sending you a weekly or monthly wrap of what is happening at our end and other useful information about exciting deals, new arrival medicine brands, and others.